Five Easy Songs to Learn to Play the Guitar

Get ready for a good serenade. All you need is to take your guitar out of the bag and learn these easy-to-play songs

How many and how many of us have imagined what it would be like to get up on a stage and play half a dozen songs. Or to serenade someone, as Julie Delpy or Audrey Hepburn, or even Ryan Gosling.

Well, the Internet is here to help, and there is no shortage of virtual teachers to make you dust off your instrument and give the strings a new life. In fact, if you have ever thought of doing so, now is the time.

Prepare your fingers, prepare your vocal and instrumental tuning (if you need it, this app is a good help) and get your viola out of the bag. These are five easy songs to (re)learn to play the guitar.

Five Easy Songs to Learn to Play the Guitar

“Dunas”, GNR

It is, most probably, the first song that every Portuguese guitarist learns to play, either because of the ease of the chords or because, after all, it is GNR. Four chords (G, E minor, C, and D) are repeated from beginning to end, under an easy to catch rhythm. So walk out onto the balcony and make it happen today.

“Live Forever”, Oasis

Chords of pure nostalgia, impervious to frustration, without appetites or strains or fingers burning through the strings. G, D major, A minor, C and E minor. Voila.

“505”, Arctic Monkeys

In this version, ideal for beginners, there are only two chords to retain: D minor and E minor. That is if you don’t want to venture into the bars. You don’t have to. Take what’s here, take a few hydration breaks, and you’ll see that you can still do it today.

“Wish You Were Here”, Pink Floyd

Classic of classics, for playing at camps, cantonments, friends’ dinners, quarantines, quarantine serenades, or karaoke parties with lots of alcohol in the mix, just aim for a C major, D, A minor, G. Get someone to do the solo and the band is set.

“Love Me Do”, The Beatles

Have you always wanted to play the Beatles because, in general, you think it’s a hell of a thing to get out your guitar and do it? Great. But how are we at the level of dexterity and “it’s like riding a bike”? It can be tricky. So this simplified version of “Love Me Do” is all you need. To retain: G, C with ninth and D major.